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ElroyCOM offers training and coaching for scientists. Our courses are based on our international experience and evidence-based references. To share our knowledge, ElroyCOM publishes in multiple scientific journals. Besides that, ElroyCOM has written IMPACT! via de nieuwsmedia, a Dutch book for scientist to get in the media and to cope with it.


2016 New training book: Impact via the news media (in Dutch)

We proudly present our book IMPACT via de nieuwsmedia (impact via the news media). In this Dutch book we offer 10 years of experience with our media training for scientists. Many of our trainees now appear on television and on the radio, and can be read in many newspapers and magazines. Six professors, a press officer and a science journalist support the book with quotes and experiences. The most important message from these supporting actors: performing in the news media is fun and helpful for your career, if you prepare and practice well!




2014 Behoefte aan training! A study of the need for training among scientists and barriers to doing so. Summary, the entire research and raw data (all in Dutch).

2010 Vrouwen in de wetenschap: feiten, cijfers, en wat u er zelf aan kunt doen. ElroyCOM publication. Vrouwen-in-de-wetenschap-de-feiten.pdf

2008 “GO! Gelderland Onderneemt!” Project proposal Centre of Entrepreneurship (honored). Commissioned by Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen.

2008 Cocheret de la Morinière ,E & Basten, F Tweehonderd promovendi in 2009: Hoe moet dat? Adviezen voor succesvol promotiebeleid in het HBO.  Tijdschrift voor het Hoger Onderwijs, januari 2008. Download

2007 Cocheret de la Morinière, E Eén stem, één toekomst, Basisboek Wetenschapscommunicatie. In: Basisboek wetenschapscommunicatie, p. 242-247. Uitgeverij Boom. Download

2006 Cocheret de la Moriniere, E De Betrokken Burger. Een betoog voor meer interactieve wetenschapscommunicatie. In: Jaarboek Kennissamenleving, p.54-68. Uitgeverij Aksant, Amsterdam. Download

2005 Cocheret de la Morinière, E Interactiviteit in Musea. Review. Da Vinci Instituut, Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam