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ElroyCOM Training is certified by the Dutch CRKBO as an official educational institute. ElroyCOM consists of expert trainers, actors and coaches with extensive and international experience in the academic sector. All of us have an academic background.

Our main goal is to help people to make positive changes in their lives and in the lives of their team or colleagues. In all of our activities, our main values are: no-nonsense, result oriented, caring for people, having fun, and your freedom of choice.

Based on science

We apply available scientific insights in our training. For instance, we use science based methods such as Professor Quinn’s model for management training, Hersey & Blanchard for leadership training, and Robert Cialdini or Pacelle van Goethem for training on how to convince. In the end, it is up to you to choose what you find is useful and applicable in your situation.

Focus on fun and learning

Based on scientific research, we know that learning and creativity happen only when you are relaxed and happy. Having a laugh every once in a while lightens up the day, but also aids the learning process. This creates an atmosphere that releases creativity and inspires people to share experiences and try out alternatives. All of our courses and workshops are set up with the input of the participants. We can thereby assure serving the participant’s wishes and needs. All practical exercises are supported by communication and management theory. Participants are always offered several options to choose from, since they will experience what works best for them.

With actors

Professional training actors are crucial in the learning process. Playing a real-life situation with an actor helps to define the problem, to demonstrate different behaviors, and to experience different solutions. Participants report that they find working with the actors insightful by playing a situation with the actors, but also by watching fellow participants doing it. Of course, working with actors also provides participants with a lot of fun!

Additional coaching

We can offer individual coaching sessions if you want to work more intensely on certain problems or behaviors. You have the option to include a training actor in these individual sessions. These sessions gain deeper insight that helps you develop optimally.