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You may like to discuss your skills or situation in more detail in individual coaching conversations. ElroyCOM offers individual coaching on work-related subjects that keep you awake at night. Maybe you can’t let go of some issues, maybe there is a colleague that troubles you, maybe you feel insecure about your performance in your job, you have trouble dealing with your boss, or you feel you would like to change your career but you don’t know what to choose and how to do it. All of these subjects and more may be the focus of such coaching conversations.

The coaches at ElroyCOM support you in redefining the problem, changing your behavior or your circumstances, and help you to make crucial choices. We use practical psychology methods and communication models to guide you.

The coaching process

A coaching process takes 5 to 10 individual conversations with a coach, typically over a period of one to two years. We use a 5-phase model: intake, problem definition, setting goals and plan, executing the plan, and evaluation. Each phase may consist of several coaching sessions. Executing the coaching plan often entails practicing in real life. In each coaching session you evaluate the progress and set up the next step or phase in cooperation with your coach.

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Both non-scientific managers and full professors, associate and assistent professors, lecturers and PhD-students enjoy our management coaching. ElroyCOM helps managers to reflect on their competencies and to gain insight and learn skills. As a manager, a great deal is asked of you in terms of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills. In fact, no manager scores a hundred percent of the competencies needed. A personal coach offers alternative perspectives and inspiration.

Dealing with resistance, handling conflict situations, coping wih responsibility, bringing more joy to your work: all of these are possible subjects in a process of positive change in cooperation with your personal coach.

Moving up or moving on

Are you thinking of changing your career or trying to move up? Do you not have a clue as to what to choose? Or do you have a specific direction you want to go, but do you not know how to go about it? Then this career coaching is what you need!

In this coaching process we apply a 5-phase model:

1. Who am I? With the aid of tests and excercises we look at your personal qualities. What are your strongest personality traits? What is your style of communication? How do you function in teams? How do you deal with difficult situations, stress, and conflicts?

2. What do I want? What gives you satisfaction in your work? Is it working with people? Getting quick results? Or is autonomy your number one requirement? Do you need to be creative in your work? In this phase we analyse what makes you happy in your work, and we create an ideal picture of your current or future job.

3. What are my competencies? Based on your CV and experience we analyse your competencies. If you should aspire a total career change, we focus on transferable competencies, meaning the things that you have learned that are of use in any other job. We will also determine what you are at present unable to do but would like to learn, which defines your need for personal development and education.

4. How can I find that job? What kind of jobs fulfill your wishes and needs, as defined in the before phases? Where can we find such jobs in databanks and adverts?

5. How can I get that job? In the final phase, we help you to write job application letters, and train you to sell yourself well in job interviews, as well as how to negotiate a good salary and job conditions.

The participants will actively reflect and search and make choices inbetween the coaching sessions. ElroyCOM guides you by providing advice, exercises and practical help.


You are an educated woman who aspires a career to the top in the academia? Then FemPower is the personal coaching facility for you. It can be difficult to acquire a top position in a world where top managers are mostly men. Insight into the male psychology and the rules of the political playing field are needed. A coach can help you acquire the skills and insights needed, and help you step by step in the process of moving up.

Together with your coach you discuss your plans, wishes and needs, and you set up an Action Plan. We connect who you are with what you want to your current compentencies and personal future development plan. While you work on your plan, the regular meetings with your coach will help you to reflect and keep on track.